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Visual Storytelling Workshop:

The Art and Science of Persuasive Presentations

1:1   |   Groups   |   Virtual

Impact. Influence. Inspire.

Reinforce your words with thoughtful and effective visual designs.

In a world overpopulated with data-rich, sleep-inducing, time-draining presentations, MOXiE empowers you with the skills to make your message stand out and ignite action.

Transform Your Presentations

When a speech touches emotions and inspires change, it’s not a fluke; it’s a carefully crafted story supported by thoughtful imagery and neuroscience. With over 80% of daily impressions perceived through our eyes, it’s no surprise that effective visual communication is imperative for business success, especially when giving a make-or-break presentation.

Let Moxie Upskill Your Entire Team

This workshop covers many technical and non-technical skills for creating brilliant slide decks:

Master storytelling
best practices

Communicating visually, connecting emotionally

Strategically storyboard your ideas for audience impact

Simplifying complex ideas through clear messaging

Visually guide audiences from problem to solution to action

Making data interesting and easily digestible

Win your audience and ignite action

Beyond visual storytelling techniques, this workshop helps you:

  • Understand and employ visual balance
  • Reduce confusion and amplify retention
  • Recognize efficacious slides and measure influence
  • Harness professional design elements
  • Apply seamless transitions and dynamic imagery
  • Swap heavy text blocks for effective images
  • Save time, reduce stress, deliver results

Powerful visual communication is one of the key differentiators between presentations that hit the mark and those that fall short. And even though over 33 million presentations are delivered each business day, most executives lack a strategy, process, and formal training in slide deck and storytelling design.

Relax, we get it – you’re not a designer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t think like one.

We’ll coach you through proven visual strategies that underscore your data and reinforce your narrative. You’ll understand how effective imagery, graphs, and slide layouts can transform your presentation and motivate audiences to take action.

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The Capstone of Business Communication

Your training won’t stop at smart slide deck design. You’ll learn the strategy and neuroscience of connecting compelling visuals with convincing messaging, so you can give career-boosting presentations on any stage.

You’ll utilize the same techniques employed by Hollywood screenwriters and actors to give life your ideas life and win your audience’s affection.

We’ll even show you how to develop a clear throughline that journeys your audience through each slide in your deck, exposing problems and guiding them persuasively toward your solution.

This is business storytelling at its most significant.

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Who will benefit from Visual Storytelling?

Executives and Leadership Teams

Aspiring Leaders

Sales and Marketing Professionals

L&D and HR Professionals

Insights, Analytics, and Finance

Individual and Team Contributors


What Our Clients Have to Say

I am so thankful for your help. I have received so many compliments on my speech, it felt unbelievable! Because of you, I now look at speeches in completely new ways. I look for ideas and notice the storytelling techniques. I look forward to collaborating with you again. Working with you has been a transformative experience.

Amy Yang, Coca Cola

Fia Fasbinder and The Moxie Institute helped me turn presentations that were as boring as eating chalk, into something so eye-catching and delicious that it would make a world-class chef jealous. Fia can help you summon your best presentation skills to turn that bland presentation into an engaging experience with a compelling message.

David Graham, City of San Diego

“I had the privilege of working with Fia on my speech for TEDx San Diego. As a speaker coach, Fia doesn’t settle for anything less than the best. She went to great lengths to help me bring my thoughts and ideas to life. Fia helped me achieve my lifelong goal of writing a speech that told my story and also inspired and ignited the audience.

Lex Gillette, Paralympic Medalist

Fia is a speech and communication wizard. She teaches from principals that are anchored in experience and research. Fia coached me through speech anxiety and gave me the tools to boost confidence and executive presence. Following the Google keynotes, colleagues recognized the transformation and I cannot recommend Fia enough. A true life changer!”

Nina Franzone, Google Inc.

Why Choose MOXiE

At Moxie, we teach leaders the art and science of authentic performance.

Our expert coaches and trainers empower executives, global organizations, thought leaders, and TED speakers to command the stage, crush their keynotes, and bring stories to life. Our team excels at driving speaker transformation from TED stages to the C-suites of Fortune 500 firms.

Our background is diverse. So is our approach.

  • Our acting experience made us experts in stage presence
  • Our work in higher education made our workshops models of adult learning, based in the latest research in psychology, neuroscience, and performance studies
  • Our years of executive speechwriting taught us all the tricks of the trade
  • Our creative acumen lets us design relatable and visually compelling slide decks

Each line we write, each slide we design, and every minute of training is entirely tailored to the strengths and opportunities of you and your team. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced… and your audience will feel the same.

All the world’s a stage – command it.


We Are Excited To Create Your Transformative Learning Experience!