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Dynamic PowerPoint Presentation Design

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Does Your Presentation Leave An Impact?

Like many professionals out there, you have undoubtedly endured hundreds of presentations over the course of your career.

How many of them have been fraught with an overabundance of bullet points and/or lengthy blocks of text?

How many seem slapped together at the last minute?

How many simply make little sense whatsoever?

A conservative guess would be “too many.” The Moxie Institute is changing that by offering PowerPoint presentation design that makes your slide deck more aesthetically and informationally rich.

Why Be “That Presenter”?

Moxify Your Slide Deck

Experience The Difference MOXiE Can Make

Beyond offering the highest quality speaker training, The Moxie Institute arms you with a professional PowerPoint design team of who specialize in bringing presentations to life with clear and effective visual display. We specialize in transforming complex data and ideas into easily digestible and memorable messaging. Instead of stating boring details, we help you tell better stories. The end result is a slide deck that resonates and sticks with your audience long after your presentation.

PowerPoint Design Services: Put slide deck design in our hands, not on your shoulders.

What Pre-Presentation Anxiety?: With more time to prepare, there’s less need to worry.

Clear. Compelling. Convincing.: Each slide resonates, so each audience remembers.

Professional. Appropriate. Applause-worthy.: Protect your reputation with an impeccably designed presentation.

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Slide Decks That Help You Shine

Our expert visual designers will ensure you:

  • Minimize pre-presentation anxiety
  • Convey complex data clearly and effectively
  • Reinforce your message with each slide
  • Use emotion to strengthen your message
  • Have infographics that actually inform
  • Maintain your audience’s attention
  • Build a strong connection with each viewer
  • Don’t just give data, tell a story
  • Make your presentation easy to follow

Differentiate Your Deck

10 Important Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Last Slide Deck

  • Did you use high-quality images or just Clip Art and cheesy stock photos?
  • Did your slides tell a story or just information?
  • Were your colors appropriate for the venue’s lighting?
  • How creative were your slide designs?
  • Did each image contribute to your presentation appropriately?
  • How did they reinforce your message?
  • Were your slides simple, elegant, and image-based?
  • Did they reflect your brand and your professional achievements?
  • Did you use too much animation or not enough?
  • Did it flow?

Visually Stunning Slide Decks

As you stand before an audience, the last thing you want to do is bore them into daydreams and distractions, effectively diminishing the power and importance of the knowledge you came to share. Instead, you need to leave them informed and inspired.

We leverage years of experience to provide custom PowerPoint presentation design infused with visually resonant imagery and organization to help support your message and turn your audience’s attention into enthusiasm.

Make A MOXiE Impression

Remove pre-presentation anxiety

Ignite audience’s hearts and minds

Visually reinforce your message

Inform and inspire

Motivate audiences to take action

Maintain engagement and interest

Bolster your reputation as a speaker

Give Your Presentation Visual Impact

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