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Dynamic PowerPoint Presentation Design

Relax. We’ll Design Your Deck.

Amplify your message and bring your words to life with a compelling and professionally- created slide deck. Motivate your audience to take action with a “bullet-proof” PowerPoint presentation.

Differentiate Your Deck

There’s a lot resting on your upcoming presentation. We get that. Our job is to help remove your pre-presentation anxiety by creating a PowerPoint slide deck that ignites the hearts and minds of your audience and wins the day.

With five decades of combined experience, our team of expert visual designers rises to the occasion time and again, producing presentations that bring your story to life with visuals that pop and messages that resonate. Our expertise is in turning complex data into an accessible and memorable presentation, inspiring action long after it’s over.

We are not merely PowerPoint designers. We are visual storytellers. Our high-impact presentations grab your audience’s attention from the first slide, and don’t let go.

This is your moment to shine. Our customized, carefully crafted presentations will enhance your brand and help you build your reputation as a thought leader in your industry. Avoid death by bullet point and let our designers take your slide deck from boring to bravo!

Contact the Moxie Institute today and watch your presentation worries disappear.

  • Transform your PowerPoint presentation from low impact visuals to a slide deck with a core message that connects, converts and inspires action
  • Our designers avoid death by bullet point and speakers that use their slides as teleprompters by creating a compelling visual story
  • We visually organize your information and transform basic bullets into powerful infographics that engages the audience
  • You will speak with confidence with a presentation that turns complex data into accessible and highly visual information
  • Reduce your pre presentation anxiety about creating your own PowerPoint presentation and leave it to our experts with a combined 5 decades of experience
"Let's face it, we've all experienced "death by Power Point" in the board room or at a conference. Fia and the Moxie Institute can help you summon your best presentation skills to turn that bland presentation into an engaging experience for the audience with articulate, compelling messages and engaging visuals."

— David Graham, Chief Deputy Officer of Neighborhood Services, The City of San Diego

Discover MOXiE’s Eye-Catching Designs

Your presence, your message and the slide deck you use are all part of the story you’re telling. Make sure they match.


Cure For The Common PowerPoint

We invite you to view a sampling of before and after sample slide decks that we’ve designed for clients just like you:

It’s Time You Learned to Speak With MOXiE

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