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Business leaders are often called on to give speeches and make presentations. But let’s face it, very few people are born performers. With that in mind, theatrical instructor Fia Fasbinder created the Moxie Institute to bridge the gap between the realms of business and the performing arts. The Moxie Institute teaches presentation skills to business professionals, coaching them to act naturally and to speak confidently and clearly when called upon to give public talks.

Handling public speaking with confidence is only part of the equation. Whether making informal speeches or keynote presentations, today’s business leaders are expected to communicate in a way audiences can easily understand. Speaking to shareholders or board members is different from addressing an audience that may be unfamiliar with industry-specific jargon.

Fortunately, onstage performance is a skill anyone can learn. The Moxie Institute helps business professionals at any level through one-on-one training as well as corporate workshops designed for teams.

Speaker Coaching

Corporate Workshops

PowerPoint Design

Speech Writing

Speaker Coaching

The Moxie Institute helps you build your presentation skills. We can assist you to overcome any obstacle, whether you suffer from a bit of stage fright or you find yourself having to face distracted audiences that are busy looking at their smartphones. We combine the disciplines of neuroscience and the performing arts to ensure you’ll command the stage and reach your audience.


Corporate Workshops

The Moxie Institute’s Presentation Skills Workshops provides intensive instruction and training to ensure you always put your best foot forward. Our corporate workshops train individuals, teams and organizations to master a wide array of communication situations, including sharpening sales pitches and mastering spontaneous discussions with superiors. Our multi-step process is easy for anyone to memorize. But don’t be fooled — our presentation skills training is easy to learn, but the information is strictly high-level.

Speak With MOXiE
How to Deliver a Killer Keynote

MOXiE 2.0
Expand Your Influence On-Stage

Talk Like TED
The Secrets to a TED-Worthy Talk

Visual Storytelling
Give a Persuasive Presentation

Data Visualization
Visuals That Inspire Action

Lead With MOXiE
Developing Executive Presence

Write With MOXiE
Creating a Compelling Presentation

Powerful Communication Skills for Women

MOXiE Media
How to Communicate on Camera

Communicate With MOXiE
Master Interpersonal Communication Skills

MOXiE Masterclass
Online Speaker Coaching

PowerPoint Design

When a speech touches emotions and inspires change, it’s not a fluke; it’s a carefully crafted story supported by thoughtful imagery and neuroscience. With over 80% of daily impressions perceived through our eyes, it’s no surprise that effective visual communication is imperative for business success, especially when giving a make-or-break presentation.


Speech Writing

You may have seen a Moxie speech. We write for leaders at the top of their games. Moxie clients are the TED speakers and Fortune 500 CEOs who have the perfect phrase at just the right moment. A Moxie speech is more than just words on a page—it’s a script for the presentation of a lifetime. Isn’t that what your moment deserves?



Our keynote speaker, Fia Fasbinder, can deliver keynote presentations for your organization designed to facilitate communication in the workplace, increase sales conversions and jumpstart careers. When you book a keynote with Fia, you can be sure her sense of humor and business sense will make for an unforgettable experience. Attendees will come away with practical tips for becoming a more effective communicator that will serve them over the course of their careers.


Media Training

The camera doesn’t miss much. Navigating on-camera work is a unique dynamic, but our proven techniques and strategies will ensure you don’t go viral for the wrong reasons. Developed in conjunction with active and former newscasters, The Moxie Institute teaches a foundational framework that gives on-air talent the poise and preparedness to succeed when it’s time for action.


What Our Clients Have to Say

I highly recommend The Moxie Insitute for the work they do. The City re-introduced management academies so as to better prepare tomorrow’s leaders of our organization and Fia’s skills are part of our program. Without question, her wisdom and guidance on presentation skills is a MUST HAVE.”

Scott Chadwick, Chief Operating Officer at City of San Diego

“Everyone at Netflix really enjoyed The Moxie Institute’s workshop and I have heard senior executives reference it in multiple ways over the past few months since the training. Home run on the teaching! Thanks again for spending time with us!”

Tracy Wright, Director of Content Operations, Netflix

Fia Fasbinder is a true communications virtuoso and masterful executive presentation skills coach. She is outstanding at helping executives and companies gain mindshare, influence and deliver powerful messages. Her passion, charisma and insights connect with audiences and achieve results. I would highly recommend The Moxie Institute for anyone seeking to improve their business speaking or presentation skills.”

Jeremy Hirshberg, PhD, COO at Transitive Media & Specific Performance

“Your team did a great job today during your writing presentations! Our doctors absolutely agreed that you provided key takeaways in all aspects of writing and public speaking. You did amazing and everybody is still talking about the skills you taught them two days later! Great job and we look forward to working with you and The Moxie Institute again soon!

Todd Love, Director of Professional Strategy, Bausch&Lomb

All the world’s a stage – command it.