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Fia Fasbinder arms speakers with the tools to deliver killer presentations. With over 15 years of experience in public speaking, classroom instruction, and presentation skill development, Fia teaches speakers to communicate with confidence, clarity and credibility. With a theater degree from NYU and a Masters in Education, Fia is uniquely positioned to render and teach dramatic arts concepts to adult learners. Her unique approach to keynoting utilizes theatrical techniques and performing arts skills in addition to practical, real world knowledge culled from coaching clients at TEDX, UCSD, Qualcomm, Intel and numerous Fortune 500 companies. Fia has implemented and taught award-winning arts education programs for the Playwrights Project, the La Jolla Playhouse and the Institute for Arts Education, and has taught those programs in over 50 schools in San Diego County. Fia’s methodology helps speakers capture the hearts and minds of their listeners, ignite their communication skills to win results and take their next talk from boring to bravo.

How to Train Your Mind For Confidence Onstage When Hard Work Alone Isn’t Enough

You may have heard of an abundance or a growth mindset. You may have even adopted some tactics of business leaders with strong mindsets, such as exercising or working with coaches. But what mindsets combat the fears associated with performances in front of an audience? Similarly to speakers, athletes must bring their 'A' game to [...]

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"I did it! I not only survived both speeches, but the interest has generated is way beyond my expectations. I can't thank you enough for all you did to teach me and help me prepare. You guys are fantastic and I can't imagine what it would have been like without you all. [...]

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Tara Shirvani

"Julia has been just hands-down wonderful. I have learned so much and my speech and the delivery of the talk really reached a completely different level thanks to her help. I also learned a lot of things that will be very useful for all the future presentations and speeches that I will be [...]

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Russ Lange- Partner, CMG Partners LLC

“My master speaker coach came prepared to the session, had great critical feedback on my workshop plan and followed-up with me in the morning to confirm my understanding of next steps. I appreciate his positive energy and consistent drive to keep me grounded. My only ask is that our future sessions are as [...]

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TEDx Behind Bars: What 12 Inmates Taught Me About Public Speaking and the Power of Human Connection

The day I went to prison started like most other days--well, actually, maybe not. Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility is a men's prison east of San Diego, and the closeness creates a sharp contrast between the two. The inmate acting as master of ceremonies announced to the TEDx visitors, "You are all now official members [...]

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3 Tips from the Top TED Talk Tips to Run Your Most Successful Team Meeting Yet

You call a meeting--everyone groans and trudges to the conference room, already absorbed in their smart phones. Wouldn't a creative and engaging meeting be a nice change? Will that happen?Probably not--poor communication runs rampant in meetings. But a talented communicator can fix all of the pitfalls of the typical meeting.A Harvard Business Review study "found [...]

Dream of Being on TED? Here’s How.

"How can I get a chance to talk at TED?" It's no wonder that everyone wants to speak on TED's stage--doing so automatically establishes you as a thought leader in your industry. Because TED wants ideas worth sharing, the chance of your talk going viral makes it the modern equivalent of the printing press. Social [...]

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March Madness Teaches You How to Command The Room With Your Next Speech

It's that time of year again: March Madness gets down to the Sweet 16. High pressure scenarios like this can make us or break us. March Madness is no different: it tells us much about leadership and performing. Both are essential to elevating your presentation skills with executive presence. So what exactly is executive presence [...]

How the Best Public Speakers Create Their Own Luck Onstage

133 million people in the United States celebrated St. Patrick's Day in 2014. That means that nearly half of the population believed in luck, or green beer, for a day. But it isn't always St. Patrick's Day when people start wishing they could increase their luck or attract good luck. Some people try year-round to [...]

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Increase Your Bandwidth With These 3 Tech-Savvy Speaking Tips

In these fast times where Tweeting has become the ultimate form of communication, speakers need to connect with their audience at lightning speed. And that doesn't always mean in the boardroom--or in the same room at all. Virtual meetings have become a staple in this tech-savvy era, but what about the dreaded virtual presentation? How [...]