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Part Public Speaking Coach, Part Stage Sherpa.
All For You.

Set into motion by NYU-trained performer, acclaimed theatrical instructor, and professional public speaking coach, Fia Fasbinder, The Moxie Institute provides executives and professionals with the highest level speaker training to command any stage with confidence and clarity.
Public speaking opportunities arise constantly. Whether in large auditoriums, small boardrooms or 1:1 interviews, top performers are expected to share insight into their process, ideas and success. Yet many of these successful and dynamic leaders feel unprepared or underwhelmed with their own speaking abilities. Even on ‘the big red stage’, presenters without professional TED Talk coaching struggle to clearly communicate dense information to audiences or present in a persuasive and memorable fashion.


The art of onstage performance is a learned skill, and the diverse Moxie Institute team helps speakers in need of a strong foundation, a few finishing touches or something in between. Founder Fia Fasbinder’s unique blend of on-stage and classroom experience enables the Moxie Institute to effectively teach businesspeople to tell stories in their own voice and make information memorable. A great story pulls everything together, and we teach burgeoning leaders to bring data to life through effective storytelling and delivery.

Comprised of award-winning actors, writers, musicians, designers, and entrepreneurs, we develop personalized plans to catapult any speaker from boring to bravo.

Command The Stage With The MOXiE Method

Use the training of actors, key performing arts skills and innovations in neuroscience to deliver an engaging and powerful talk. You’ll work with a dedicated public speaking coach to master our proven methodology and connect with your audience, convey a message with clarity and conviction, and step on stage with confidence.

Let The MOXiE Institute set the stage for your next big success.

M: Move your Mouth

O: Oxygenate

X: Excite Your Audience

I: It Factor

E: Enjoy the Experience

“I highly recommend Fia Fasbinder and the work she does. The City of San Diego offers Management Academies to better prepare tomorrow’s leaders of our organization. Fia’s skillful workshop is part of our program. Without question, her assistance on presentation skills is a MUST HAVE.”
Scott Chadwick, Chief Operating Officer, City of San Diego
“I am so thankful for your help. I have received so many compliments on my speech, it felt unbelievable! This would not be possible without your amazing coaching! Because of you, I now look at speeches in completely new ways. I even watch great speeches being delivered and, most times, I wish the speakers could have taken your course!”
Amy Yang, General Manager at Coca Cola

“Thank you for a great day, Fia! The team was really energized and excited to use their new found public speaking tools and tactics. We’re grateful for your insight about performance anxiety and for teaching us that we’re not the “only ones” who get stage fright.”

Stephen Bruno, VP of Global Creative Marketing, Netflix

“Fia Fasbinder and The Moxie Institute helped me turn presentations, that were as boring as eating chalk, into something so eye-catching and delicious that it would make a world-class chef jealous. Fia and the Moxie Institute can help you summon your best presentation skills to turn that bland presentation into an engaging experience.”

David Graham, COO of Neighborhood Services, City of San Diego