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Speech Writing

Harness the power of your story and translate your ideas into action with an executive speech writer.

From Boring to Bravo!

Nothing rivals the power of a good speech. It can chart a new course, move and mobilize an audience, and rally stakeholders and key decision makers. The very best speeches challenge audiences to examine their belief systems and assumptions, and to see things from a different perspective.

A well crafted and communicated message has the power to transmit ideas, shape the public discourse, generate goodwill, and compel action — in other words, change the world, or at least your world. A good speech can unleash employees’ passion, capture the media spotlight, and differentiate your brand in the marketplace. Remember, great speeches are primarily emotional, not logical. The audience has to feel it.

“My keynote went extremely well, thanks to Fia and her team of speech writers at MOXiE. I have never been so prepared and had such a tight coherent, inspiring, and personal presentation.Thank you for all you’ve done! I’m thrilled to continue delivering this keynote and approaching mastery with my speaking!”
— Chris (Nelson) Stokes, Jamaican Bobsleigh Team Member and inspiration for the movie “Cool Runnings”

We’ve Got Your Back

The Moxie Institute has written important speeches for a myriad of clients including leading executives, Fortune 500 companies, government officials, CFOs and CEOs. Our speeches have been delivered at conferences, TEDx stages, special events and corporate boardrooms nationwide. We help convey our clients’ message with confidence, clarity and credibility.

Speech Samples by MOXiE Writers

Our Approach

  • We begin by identifying your authentic voice and vocabulary.

    • We write in your voice so your speech sounds like you and you feel confident delivering it.
  • Facts and figures by themselves are not memorable.

    • Instead we wrap data in engaging, emotional storytelling experiences. Our speech writers help you capture the hearts and minds of your audience.
  • A great speech achieves the perfect blend of art and science, of emotion and reason.

    • We help identify and crystallize your theme or core idea, constructing first an outline that embodies your key message and then a speech that emotionally resonates with your audience.
  • We work diligently to craft a first draft that pleases us as much as it pleases you.

    • Editing requires trimming the fat and underscoring thematic keystones. As your partners, we work tirelessly and efficiently to incorporate your feedback and revisions into a highly polished second draft.
  • Effective speech writing is a process of elimination, of sharpening messages into their finest points and delivering them with precision.

    • The culmination is a perfectly-timed argument that simply and clearly persuades your audience to buy into your brand, solution, or idea.

Sharpen your message with The Moxie Institute’s speech writers. Stir feelings, inspire belief and motivate action. Simplify and soar.

The MOXIE Institute’s speaker coaching and presentation skills training empowers executives, organizations and TED speakers to command the space, crush their keynote and bring their stories to life. When public speaking opportunities arise, our performance coaches make the stage feel like your second home.


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