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Executive Speaker Coaching

Learn To Speak With MOXiE

The Moxie Institute provides what you need to succeed on-stage. Whether an audience is intimately engaged with their phones or your confidence tends to disappear under the bright lights, every speaker has obstacles to overcome. Vince Lombardi never had to line up against the smartphone generation to deliver his famed remarks, but you can tap into that same gusto every time you step up to a microphone. Fedora optional.

“Work with Fia is an amazing experience. Her unique training approach, adapted specifically to my needs, has transformed the way in which I communicate. More importantly, working with Fia has transformed how people react to what I say.”
— Erik Caldwell, Economic Development Director, City of San Diego

We Will Teach You How To:


Create a winning first impression

Speak with greater clarity and purpose

Produce powerful non-verbal communication

Turn vocal delivery into a competitive advantage

Use relaxation techniques to reduce stress and speaking anxiety

Leverage performing arts exercises in telling your story

Talk is cheap. Performance is priceless.
Let The MOXiE Institute set the stage for your next big success.


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