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MOXiE Presentation Skills Workshops

When your next business opportunity knocks, own the moment. We’ll show your team how.

When the stakes are the highest, do you breathe the easiest? You should.

Elevator pitches, performance reviews and sales opportunities all get your adrenaline pumping, raise your heart rate and alter your breathing. Performance is the art of coming through when the stakes are highest, and we train individuals, teams and companies alike to deliver in the clutch. From sharpening sales pitches to mastering impromptu dialogue with superiors, The Moxie Institute puts businesspeople in a position to succeed when it counts. We’ll make sure every member of your team believes that they are capable of delivering an unforgettable presentation and thriving in any business setting. Bolstered by an easy to memorize, multi-step process for improving clarity, befriending the audience, our presentation skills training has the information density of a graduate level theatre class with the accessibility of Public Speaking 101.

“I highly recommend Fia Fasbinder and the work she does. The City of San Diego offers Management Academies to better prepare tomorrow’s leaders of our organization. Fia’s skillful workshop is part of our program. Without question, her assistance on presentation skills is a MUST HAVE.”
– Scott Chadwick, Chief Operating Officer, City of San Diego

Workshops Will Teach You (And Your Team) To:

  • Captivate audiences from your first word

  • Speak with clarity and authority

  • Understand and apply important non-verbal communication skills

  • Turn speaking confidence into your competitive edge

  • Exchange nervousness for confidence and connection

  • Control stress and speaking anxiety with calming relaxation methods

MOXiE Workshops

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