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services-imageBusiness leaders are often called on to give speeches and make presentations. But let’s face it, very few people are born performers. With that in mind, theatrical instructor Fia Fasbinder created the Moxie Institute to bridge the gap between the realms of business and the performing arts. The Moxie Institute teaches presentation skills to business professionals, coaching them to act naturally and to speak confidently and clearly when called upon to give public talks.

Handling public speaking with confidence is only part of the equation. Whether making informal speeches or keynote presentations, today’s business leaders are expected to communicate in a way audiences can easily understand. Speaking to shareholders or board members is different from addressing an audience that may be unfamiliar with industry-specific jargon.

Fortunately, onstage performance is a skill anyone can learn. The Moxie Institute helps business professionals at any level, from complete newcomers to public speaking to experienced speakers who just need a little brushing up on their skills. The Moxie Institute provides one-on-one training, as well as corporate workshops designed for teams.

The Moxie Institute’s team is made up of professionals from many disciplines, including award-winning actors, designers, entrepreneurs, musicians and writers. It’s the perfect blend of talent, designed to help you tell your story effectively. We train business leaders to reach audiences using a combination of classroom learning and on-stage exercises.

Speaker Coaching

The Moxie Institute helps you build your presentation skills. We can assist you to overcome any obstacle, whether you suffer from a bit of stage fright or you find yourself having to face distracted audiences that are busy looking at their smartphones. We combine the disciplines of neuroscience and the performing arts to ensure you’ll command the stage and reach your audience.

Powerhouse Presentations

From small boardrooms to large auditoriums, business leaders must periodically address groups of people. The Moxie Institute helps corporate executives and managers run meetings effortlessly, while communicating effectively with internal teams. No coffee required.

Presentation Skills Workshops

The Moxie Institute’s Presentation Skills Workshops provides intensive instruction and training to ensure you always put your best foot forward. Our corporate workshops train individuals, teams and organizations to master a wide array of communication situations, including sharpening sales pitches and mastering spontaneous discussions with superiors. Our multi-step process is easy for anyone to memorize. But don’t be fooled — our presentation skills training is easy to learn, but the information is strictly high-level.


Our keynote speaker, Fia, can deliver keynote presentations for your organization designed to facilitate communication in the workplace, increase sales conversions and jumpstart careers. When you book a keynote with Fia, you can be sure her sense of humor and business sense will make for an unforgettable experience. Attendees will come away with practical tips for becoming a more effective communicator that will serve them over the course of their careers.

No matter what your organization needs, we have a program tailored especially for you. Contact us for more information.




mark-mcdiarmid “Thanks for a very informative workshop. You have a wonderful skill of making the topic fun and memorable.”

Mark McDiarmid | VP, Radio Network Engineering, T-Mobile

david-malmuth “While I’ve done hundreds of speeches, she helped me turn my presentation into a performance — and the response was fantastic!”

David Malmuth | TEDx Speaker and Partner at I.D.E.A. Partners, LLC

It’s Time You Learned to Speak With MOXiE

Shakespeare got it right when he said that all the world’s a stage. The trick to that stage is learning to command it. This (totally free) e-book shows you how.