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Customers in over 50 industries transform into masterful presenters and communicators with The Moxie Institute. Their satisfaction is our top priority.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“I highly recommend Fia Fasbinder and the work she does. The City re-introduced management academies so as to better prepare tomorrow’s leaders of our organization and Fia’s skills are part of our program. Without question, her assistance on presentation skills is a MUST HAVE.”

– Scott Chadwick, Chief Operating Officer at City of San Diego

“I am so thankful for your help. I have received so many compliments on my speech, it felt unbelievable! This would not be possible without your amazing coaching! One of my mentors actually tweeted my presentation! What a huge compliment! Because of you, I now look at speeches in completely new ways. I look for ideas. I search for what perception has been changed after the speech. I notice the storytelling techniques. I even watch great speeches being delivered and, most times, I wish the speakers could have taken your course! This has been one of the best courses I have taken. I look forward to collaborating with you again. Working with you has been a transformative experience.”

– Amy Yang, General Manager at Coca Cola

“Fia Fasbinder and The Moxie Institute helped me turn presentations, that were as boring as eating chalk, into something so eye-catching and delicious that it would make a world-class chef jealous. Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced “death by Power Point” in the board room or at a conference. Fia and the Moxie Institute can help you summon your best presentation skills to turn that bland presentation into an engaging experience with a well articulated and compelling message for the audience.”

– David Graham, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Neighborhood Services, City of San Diego

“I am so pumped right now about the messaging we worked out! I just shared it with my CEO, CFO and head of marketing and they LOVE it as well! I can’t wait to give this talk!”

— Yari Mitchell, VP of Global Medical Affairs, Accusoft

“Fia, I am so grateful for our work together. And I can’t wait to work together on the next talk. My speech today was earth shattering! The audience was on their feet crying, cheering and laughing! I have been interviewed and photographed non stop since I walked off stage by almost every single person at this conference! I am so grateful to for your help. You are an inspiration.”

– Jackie Heinricher, Founder & President, Booshoot Technology and #57 Lamborghini Race Driver

“Work with Fia is an amazing experience. Her unique training approach, adapted specifically to my needs, has transformed the way in which I communicate. More importantly, working with Fia has transformed how people react to what I say.”

– Erik Caldwell, Economic Development Director, City of San Diego

“Thank you so much Fia – you made it easy for me to deliver my TED talk. Thank YOU for all the help and for working with me and being patient with me. It was an awesome opportunity and I’m glad I did it!”

– Almis Udrys, Director of Performance and Analytics at City of San Diego

todd-love “Great job today in your presentation! Our docs absolutely agreed that you provided key takeaways in all aspects of public speaking. You did amazing and everybody is still talking about the skills you taught them two days later! Great job and look forward to working with you soon!”

– Todd Love, Director of Professional Strategy, Bausch&Lomb

todd-love “Everyone really enjoyed the session and I have heard them reference it in multiple ways over the past few months since the training. Home run on the teaching! Thanks again for spending time with us!”

– Tracy Wright, Director of Content Operations, Netflix

“Thank you for taking the time to come and talk with us last week. Your presentation was incredibly inspiring and I’m excited to put your exercises and tips to use the next time that I have to speak in public.
I look forward to hopefully seeing you in future workshops!”

– Korene Refsland, Creative Producer, Netflix

lex “I had the privilege of working with Fia on my speech for TEDx San Diego. As a speaker coach, Fia doesn’t settle for anything less than the best. She went to great lengths to help me bring my thoughts and ideas to life. I would absolutely recommend her because I know she will do what is needed to create and deliver a powerful message. Fia helped me achieve my lifelong goal of writing a speech that incorporated my story and also inspired and ignited the audience. With Fia by my side, I feel ready to take over the speaking world! I’m still buzzing from the magical event and the moment of speaking on stage. Thank you!”

— Lex Gillette, Paralympic Medalist, World Champion and World Record Holder

“My keynote went extremely well, thanks to Fia and her team at MOXiE. I have never been so prepared and had such a tight coherent, inspiring, and personal presentation.Thank you for all you’ve done, coach! I’m thrilled to continue learning from you and approaching mastery with my speaking!”

– Chris (Nelson) Stokes, Jamaican Bobsleigh Team Member and inspiration for the movie “Cool Runnings”

carol-stone “Senior level network engineers and their leaders had a blast during Fia’s Presentation Skills Workshop. They practiced things often forgotten in the age of presentations driven by PowerPoint. They learned the art of preparation and relaxation, vocalizing from the diaphragm, and effective articulation. They learned and laughed at the same time. I too was preparing for a public speech in front of a large audience, and Fia’s workshop was most timely. I utilized all the skills practiced during the presentation and knocked it out of the park!”

– Carol Stone, Sr. Leadership Development Consultant at T-Mobile

“Moxie’s Media Trainer, Katy Temple, is the best… Thanks so much for sharing your insight and improving my delivery. And thank you for being fun. Many people have connected with me since I spoke and the presentation produced new business opportunities. Thank you!”

– Thomas Dadmun, Founder & CEO, Point Focal

marian-b “Fia is an outstanding speaker coach. She worked with me on my recent TEDx talk, and I learned a huge amount. I have given hundreds of presentations in both academic and business venues, and was surprised at how much more there was to learn. She gave me a new understanding of how to engage the audience even more. Fia is also a joy to work with. She is friendly and supportive, and always put me right at ease. I can’t say enough.”

– Marian Bartlett, Research Scientist at Apple

“Fia is incredibly knowledgable about public speaking and teaches from principals that are anchored in research and easily adaptable to any presentation, facilitation, or keynote. When I transitioned to a new, client-facing position at my company, I noticed that I became overwhelmed by my nerves every time I spoke. This gave the impression that I didn’t trust what I was saying and often undermined my contributions. Fia coached me through my speech anxiety and gave me the tools to feel more self confident in all of my speaking engagements. At the close of the 6-week speaker series, colleagues, who didn’t know I had a speaker coach, recognized that I seemed more at ease, confident, and professional. I cannot recommend Fia enough!”

– Nina Franzone, Diversity Specialist, Google Inc.

“The speech went fantastic! Deloitte was happy, and I had several people come talk to me afterward about how much they connected to it. I truly appreciate all of your creativity and quick thinking. It was a pleasure to work with you all!”

– Gretchen Bladek, Google Fiber, Curriculum

“Thank you so much for your help in preparing me for my presentation. I really appreciate the thoughtful and personal feedback. Your coaching was nothing short of transformational! More than anything, in transformed me into a far more confident presenter. Nothing like a power stance practice in between sets during my 5 AM workouts!”

– Joseph Sanders, Director of Digital Marketing, Comcast

“We thoroughly enjoyed Fia’s brown bag session for our women in leadership team. I have been getting emails all day expressing how much the women learned during her talk. I also personally learned quite a bit. Thanks again for working with us and I look forward to your continued guidance!”

– Charlotte C. J. Tsou, Senior Vice President, HSBC, Regional Head of Analytics & CRM

“I need to call out our amazing and talented speaker coach,Fia Fasbinder, for teaching our team the shakedown and courage call before presentations to calm those nerves. Thanks Fia and The Moxie Institute! You rock! Your amazing training had me super prepped and super pumped for the show and we rocked it. We’re so grateful!”

– Cy Wakeman, President and Founder of Reality Based Leadership, Keynote Speaker, Author

art-b “Thank you!! Before I started to work with Fia, one of my biggest fears after spending a month in the hospital was losing a part of my memory. The fear I’ve had of not being able to remember details has created moments of panic for me. With your help, and the tools you taught me and then helped implement gave me a new found confidence in my speaking engagements. I feel like a boulder has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you for your servant’s heart and giving this part of my life back to me.”

– Art Barter, Founder and CEO at Servant Leadership Institute

“Thank you very much for all your support on making a good presentation. I learned many things from you and I am grateful.”

– Patricia Marquez, Dean of the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, University of San Diego

“2015 was truly a magical experience to have you for my TED talk. You rocked my world! Thank you for being who you are and for the work you do! I truly appreciate the nuggets you bring to speakers’ greatness. And, as a storyteller, I am so thankful for the pearls of wisdom.”

– Tererai Trent, Founder, President Tererai Trent International

“As Maya Angelou would say, ‘When you know better, you do better.’ This time last year, at the start of preparing for my first TEDX talk, I was in what my Dad would call ‘THE NUT HOUSE.’ Even my face launched a full force open rebellion exploding electric red rosacea everywhere. This year things are different. After interviewing a couple different TEDx coaches I found the perfect person for me: Fia Fasbinder Yesterday, we had our first session together to create an outline for my talk, and Fia rocked my world. She helped me get very clear on what my idea worth spreading truly is. Fia asked me questions such as, ‘How will the world be changed in some small way if people implement my idea?’ And ‘What’s at stake if we don’t do this?’ Yup, this time my seatbelt is buckled as I start this amazing race. I’m soooo happy to have a plan and a system to do this right this time. #HappyIFoundFia”

– Janine Driver, CEO, Body Language Institute, NY Times Best-Selling author of YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK

“It is truly incredible how effective your insights are in helping me have an impactful presentation. Thank you for another great session!”

– Niranjan Ram, UST Global, Vice President

“Although I thought I was a decent public speaker, the coaching I received from Fia opened my eyes to so many different aspects of making effective presentations. I always focused solely on the content I wanted to deliver, but now I’m more aware of body language, voice projection, proper enunciation, pace of speech, and even when to add a bit of humor. Working with Fia has given me much more confidence in my public speaking, and I highly recommend her as a coach to anyone wanting to improve their presentation and public speaking abilities.”

– Thomas Malone, Dean of Tufts University Medical School

claudia-s “We had the great privilege of having Fia Fasbinder as a keynote speaker at a UCSD HR leadership event. Fia was truly excellent, exemplifying the public speaking, communication, and professional presence skills she teaches.”

– Claudia Schwartz, Director of UCSD HR Leadership Program

“Fia Fasbinder is a true communications virtuoso and masterful executive public speaking coach. She is outstanding at helping executives and companies gain mindshare, influence and deliver powerful messages. Her passion, charisma and insights connect with audiences and achieve results. I would highly recommend The MOXiE Institute for anyone seeking to improve their business speaking or presentation skills.”

– Jeremy Hirshberg, PhD, COO at Transitive Media & Specific Performance

“I can definitely say because of your media training, I performed better on my interviews. I asked appropriate questions to the reporter, I made sure to give them examples and I captured their imagination. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to learning more.”

– John Simpson, CEO, Patra Corp

“Our event was a success thanks to Fia and her guidance in preparing us for our speech. Man on man, we achieved our communication goals! We can’t wait to achieve Churchill status and are excited for the next steps! You’re a star! We love you and are so grateful we found you!”

– Matt Hoolehan, Director of Marketing, Patracorp

“Thanks so much to Fia and The MOXiE Institute for the prep work for my TEDx talk! What a treat! I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without you!”

– Edward Esquenazi, Founder and CEO, SirenasMD

“So grateful for you, Fia! You have an amazing gift and an incredible ability to put stories together. I can’t wait to get to the TEDx stage with your help! I hope you know that your God given talent is so vital to the people that you are helping! Your gift is so important. Let’s do this!”

– Brandon Steppe, Founder and Executive Director, The David’s Harp Foundation

“Thank you for your workshop! We are so grateful for your guidance. I cannot wait for our team to start putting these strategies into practice.”

– Lauren Lek, Our Lead of Peace, Head of School

“I had the good fortune to have Fia as my speech coach for TEDxAFC. While I’ve done hundreds of speeches, she helped me turn my presentation into a performance — and the response was fantastic! She was able to provide specific feedback about language, emphasis, pacing, body movement, etc, that was super constructive. I give a her my strongest endorsement!”

– David Malmuth, Partner, IDEA District and TEDx Speaker

“Fia and her team at the Moxie Institute are fantastic. Fia Fasbinder’s coaching and guidance helped me take my public speaking to a higher, more polished level. In addition, Fia and her speechwriter helped to write four personal stories that I will use in my presentations for years to come. It was a pleasure working with her and I highly recommend Fia and the Moxie Institute”

– Greg Hammond, CFP, CPA, Wealth impact and personal legacy advisor

“Fia is SHARP! She’s a real pro and added very insightful, thoughtful and creative feedback and ideas to help craft a winning keynote! Highly recommend her services!”

– Martin Grunburg, author of The Habit Factor and creator of the top productivity app by the same name

“Very helpful program-time and cost efficient as well. Fia customized the coaching to my needs and very busy schedule. This was not a one-size program, it was tailored perfectly for what I needed. Fia is very professional and easy to work with. I saw results immediately.”

– Marc Treitler, Partner, General Counsel Conservice Utility Management and Billing

“Hi, I’m Henry Evans, author of The Hour a Day Entrepreneur and I’ve had the fortune of being coached by Fia on public speaking. I’ve done a lot of public speaking and I actually have a meeting every month where I speak in front of 60-80 people. It was so great to have a member and a client who is also able to coach and help me with better communicating. Fia gave me an enormous amount of material each time we got together that taught me methods of effective public speaking. We talked about how to get your slide deck dialed in and she gave me specific feedback on how to have the greatest impact when speaking. I highly recommend talking with her, engaging with her and going through any programs that she has. Anything you can do to get involved with Fia can definitely help you to better communicate. It’s helped me at work. It’s also helped me at home. It’s also helped my voice become deeper, richer and resonating from my diaphragm. I give my highest recommendation to Fia. Definitely check her out so she can help you better communicate your message to whomever you need.”

– Henry Evans, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

“My panel discussion went great and it was super fun. Roughly 1,200 people in the audience and I got the closing spot on the line up. Before working with Moxie, I would have two or three people come up after my panels and talks. But, for this one, a line formed of people waiting to chat with me. I loved it! Thanks for getting me prepped and making it a piece of cake.”

— Konstantin (Kosta) Elchev, CMO, Stashimi

“Fia, I so treasure you and our time together! Your business is soaring to new heights…and thank you for the business savvy advice! For my friends and family who don’t know Fia and The Moxie Institute, she is a leader who is setting the speaking world on fire! Fia is THE SPEAKER COACH who teaches businesspeople, Olympians, Ted Talk Presenters and so many more how to command a stage with confidence and clarity. She and her team of experts will help you deliver powerhouse presentations. If you are a keynote speaker or need a keynote speaker, look no further than Fia and The Moxie Institute. Today I toast to you-my beautiful & talented sister!”

— Melissa Murray, Styleology Group

alyssa-m “I want to say thank you for inspiring our staff through your training and tips, and also for providing the engagement needed to break down some of the barriers between our division. I have had a number of my staff, and those from other divisions, say how great and useful that training was for them. I look forward to working with you again in the future!”

– Alyssa Muto, Deputy Director, City of San Diego

susan-m “Our organization was focused on offering internal development for our team members, and as public speaking was top on the list of areas they wanted to work on, we hired Fia to lead the charge. Fia has been fantastic in creating a customized program for our team, including a launch that generated incredible interest and sign up of over 3 X the individuals we had thought would be interested in the follow up coursework provided. The feedback has been fantastic from the start! Fia brings energy, exercises and pragmatic practices to begin to build skills in a way that everyone enjoys and learns from.”

– Susan McKenna Penn, Leadership & Organizational Coach | VP Human Resources & Organizational Development

nares “Although we had spent 3 years in Toastmasters, it was nothing at all like sessions with Fia. Fia’s sessions and her supportive techniques resulted in an empowering transition for both of us. We recently spoke at our annual fundraiser. Afterwards, every guest came up to tell us how amazed they were by our presentation! It was evident to them that we had PREPARED & REHEARSED! Fia taught us both how to dig deep within ourselves to tell our story and she helped us feel safe enough to do this. Working with Fia was transformation for us! We learned how to give the performance of our lives!”

– Richard and Diane Nares, CNN Hero Awards Winners and Founders of The Emilio Nares Foundation

“Public speaking has never been my strong suit. And, after being asked to deliver three talks within a 30-day time frame, the stress and anxiety started to kick in. Fia was introduced to me by a mutual friend and she quickly came to the rescue. Her approach is simple but extremely effective. She guided my through the entire writing process, walked me through warm up techniques (physical and mental), taught me a number of powerful breathing exercises, and provided me with actionable feedback after each presentation. She was even thoughtful enough to send me motivational texts before each talk! My biggest public speaking opportunity is just weeks away, and for the first time in my career, I’m actually looking forward to it. Fia was a great teacher, mentor, coach, and friend. I look forward to working with her for years to come.”

– Taylor Schulte, CFP, Financial Planner | Wealth Advisor | Define Financial

“We loved having you present today Fia! Thanks for teaching us all how to speak with MOXIE! 100% of all the SDBSA attendees said they would recommend you to a colleague or a friend – not surprising. It was our pleasure to have you present and you are welcome back any time!”

– Jack Kelly, B2B Services Growth Expert | Delivering Insights & ROI with Net Promoter Score | Top Rated Speaker and Instructor

“My keynote was definitely the best I’ve ever given! I did fantastic and I felt strong, confident and clear. Someone in the audience came up to me afterwards and said I know I want to do business with you and can we schedule appointment tomorrow. Uh, yes!! Another audience member said I love listening to you speak and you’re so inspiring. That made my night. Thank you for everything Fia! am looking forward to starting to work on the speech with you!”

– Julia Carlson, CEO and Wealth Advisor

“Fia Fasbinder’s Effective Public Speaking presentation was invaluable to our organization. She helped us learn to speak with clarity, confidence and power. Before her presentation, most of our group members were apprehensive about public speaking. Fia’s workshop taught us skills and techniques on how to prepare ourselves prior to speaking, relax, project with confidence, work with the layout of the room, and interact with the audience. Fia kept us laughing (a lot) as we were forced out of our comfort zones and embraced our inner thespians to practice these skills. We are all much more prepared to stand in front of a room of people now, poised and at ease. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to learn how to interview, give a professional presentation, land a new deal or job, or simply wants to hone their public speaking skills. It is the best public speaking workshop I’ve ever attended, and it was so much fun. We are fortunate that Fia’s “Moxie Method” is now part of our bag of presentation tricks!”

– Dana Skarra, Senior Scientist, SenesTech Inc.

“What a great presentation with hands-on practice! I have always been challenged with speaking in front of groups but with your Moxie method I feel like I could actually conquer my fears. There is a reason we called you, “Fabulous Fia, Phenomenal Fia” after your presentation!!”

– Glory Stewart

“Fia is amazing as a person and outstanding as a coach. I had the privilege of working with Fia on my 2016 TEDxSan Diego talk. She seamlessly guided me through the whole process of my talk prep, with tweaks to my talk and presentation skills and ideas I had never even thought of. Thanks to Fia my talk went off without a hitch. I felt completely prepared (and excited) to speak because of Fia’s attention to detail. Thank you for an amazing experience. You have changed my life.”

– Ellen Goodwin, Productivity Expert, Speaker, Coach

marlene-t “Fia was a Godsend to me in preparing for my conference. I enjoyed working with her so very much! She empowered me to do what I needed to despite my extreme nervousness. She is a gifted and effective coach!”

– Marlene Taylor, Work Advisory Board and Workforce Investment Board for San Diego Workforce Partnership

“Thank you for the wonderful talk on Tuesday. It was chock full of excellent advice. It was exactly what I needed. I’m mentally preparing for a talk I will be giving soon that will showcase my next start-up. After attending Tuesday I now have a better idea of what I need to do. I’ve been practicing power poses and slow, deep breathing! Thank you for your help!!”

– Stephanie Allen, PhD, Biomedical & Stem Cell Scientist: entrepreneur, product developer, business strategist, and thought leader.

“Fia spoke at an Athena event and I took home quite a few very valuable insights and tips about public speaking. Her talk also really helped me, personally, to know that 1) I am not alone in being terrified of public speaking and that 2) the audience generally really is rooting for you! Fia is great to work with, a fun and engaging speaker and I highly recommend her as a coach and keynote speaker.”

– Briana Tovey, Program Manager at Athena San Diego

“I really enjoyed your presentation today for the Women in Technology crowd! I left feeling excited, empowered and well ventilated (I should take deep breaths more often). Thank you, Fia!”

– Alicia Niemeyer, Hostelling International Group Sales Manager

“Within a few minutes of meeting Fia I knew she was going to be a powerhouse! Fia provided an extremely valuable, content-filled presentation at July’s Women in Business program. Everyone can improve their public speaking skills so whether you are new to public speaking or a seasoned professional, Fia can help you take things to the next level. I look forward to working with Fia 1:1 in the future! Thank you Fia!”

– Jasmin Zunzunia, MBA, Operations, Project, Program Management, Fashion, Entertainment, Technology

“I felt that the skills we worked on during our training with Fia are often over-looked and so most people aren’t educated on how to present in the best way possible. I know this personally helped give me some great applicable ideas for how to improve, and I think others would gain that too.”

– Kelsey Dale, Experienced Fundraiser, Operations Manager, Database Administrator, Event Manager, and Outreach Coordinator.

“With your help I went in with confidence and focus, feeling like I had prepared. I had a great time and received many warm comments from attendees at the event including the directors of the organization! Thank you again for helping me have a successful and rewarding emcee experience.”

– Wendy Hovland, Voice Over Actor/Communications

“Fia, it was a pleasure meeting you today. You bring a fresh and engaging style through your training. You had my attention at 100% all the time, well done! Thank you for all the great tips and tools you shared with us. I will endeavour to apply them so I can be a more effective communicator, and in the end, to be able to positively influence people with what I have to say …change the world, maybe?”

– Maroun El-Hage, Senior Civil Engineer, Eastern Municipal Water District

“Another successful Speaker Training with your participation! Once again you wowed the group! Many thanks!”

– Brian D. Rosenblatt, OD, MS, Bausch + Lomb

“Thank you for your amazing class today! Honestly one of the best leadership development classes I’ve ever taken!”

– Kimberly Petz, Presentation Skills Workshop Participant

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