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Speaker Coaching

Elevate. Refine your stage presence through personal coaching and deliver in the clutch. Swagger awaits.


Presentation Skills Workshops

Unite. Galvanize your team, polish the rough edges and turn everyone on your team into a cleanup hitter. Exceptional results are never an accident.



Ignite. Equip the inner performer in every team member, jolt yourselves out of the status quo and learn to tell your own story. Your audience is listening.

Speech Writing

The Moxie Institute fine-tunes messaging to stir feelings, inspire belief and motivate action. Simplify and soar.


PowerPoint Design

Let our team of superb designers and storytellers weave color, symbolism, humor and clarity into your presentation.

“I highly recommend Fia Fasbinder and the work she does. The City of San Diego offers Management Academies to better prepare tomorrow’s leaders of our organization. Fia’s skillful workshop is part of our program. Without question, her assistance on presentation skills is a MUST HAVE.”

Scott Chadwick, Chief Operating Officer, City of San Diego

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The “it” factor has a name: MOXiE.


Jordan had it at the buzzer, Lady Gaga wears it like a second skin, Jagger still has it at 75 and Jobs left a legacy.

Swagger. Confidence. Moxie.

You know it when you see it and you feel it when you’re centered. But every superhero has his or her kryptonite, and for most – 75% of women and 73% of men – one fearsome foe relentlessly ties capes in a knot: Public Speaking.

Contrary to popular myth, performers are not born. Presentation performance is a learned skill – a refined ability as scientific as it is artistic, as accessible as it is transcendent. Whether in sports, art or business, superior performers amplify innate abilities through proven techniques, strategies and systems.

And the best don’t do it alone.

We are performance coaches, and we’ll make the stage feel like a second home. Our performers command TED stages, board meetings and media opportunities alike.

Leaders translate ideas into action. We translate stories into performance.

Don’t give a speech; deliver a performance. You’re on.

We Understand How

Breathe Easy and Oxygenate.

Among the most overlooked and fundamental keys to speaking success is diaphragmatic breathing. If you want your voice to carry the same power as your message and hit your marks with emphasis that resonates, refining this skill is a must. We’ll teach you how to increase air volume, lower heart rate and give your voice a rich texture that carries without a microphone.


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